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Overlooking the Hudson is proud to announce its collaboration with Joey Ones / Gore-Tex Hoarders, a revered figure in the world of The North Face and Gore-Tex collectors.


Joey's passion for gear began in 1993 with his first backpack, inspired by the adventurous outdoor gear in 80s films like "Rambo: First Blood" and "Red Dawn." His interest was further fueled by the late 80s and early 90s hip-hop scene, where mentions and video cameos of brands like Gore-Tex and The North Face were highly influential.


Entering the digital era, Joey turned to Instagram to share his passion, thanks to a suggestion from Jenny Ones. This led to the creation of "Gore-Tex Hoarders," a global cohort born from a nickname about their extensive gear collections. Along with @JayHasManyFaces (IG), Joey formalized the crew, connecting with fellow enthusiasts who shared their love for gear and the lifestyle that comes with it.


The OTH x GTH collaboration has resulted in a co-branded hat that reflects both Joey's love of quality outdoor gear and OTH's 90s NY-inspired style, where the details matter to those who matter. This limited-edition hat captures the essence of urban culture and outdoor adventure, celebrating the rich history and shared passion of gear enthusiasts.

Hat Details: 5 Panel Authentic Black GORE-TEX fabric shell construction with Burnt Orange Gore-Tex underbrim, and adjustable nylon strap back. 100% Cotton headband. Waterproofed seams. Embroidered GORE-TEX HOARDERS logo at front & rear of hat.


Sizing: Adjustable, fits head circumferences of 6-3/4" up to 7-7/8"+-. Depth: Medium- From ear to ear over the dome 12-1/4"


Brim Length: Medium aka "Milieu" measuring at 10 cm at it's longest.

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