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Cherry Red Poplin Cotton

Cherry Red Poplin Cotton


Lightweight Cherry Red poplin. 5-Panel crown, 100% Cotton construction, Vivid Blue underbrim accent.


Sizing: Elasticized back, fits head circumferences of 7-1/8" (will fit a bit loose) up to 7-5/8"+- (will fit a bit snug).*To Adjust the size: invisibly add a few stitches to the back of the hat to tighten it up for a custom glove-like fit, or replace the elastic to increase the headband circumfrence.




1. "Grand" French for "Large" measuring at 10.5 cm at it's longest.

2. "Court" French for "Short" measuring at 8.5 cm at it's longest.



*Photos [from left to right] 1, 3 and 5 are of the "Grand" brim shape, and photos 2, 4, and 6 are of the "Court" brim shape. They have similar perimeter shapes, the primary distinction being the length of projection.

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