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Fireball 2022

Fireball 2022


I hope Ralph (Lauren) wouldn't have wanted it any other way...


Presumed to be lost forever, a handful of bolts of Original Ralph Lauren Polo Country Wool "Fireball" (as it's commonly referred to by vintage RL aficionados) fabric were found immaculately preserved in a warehouse in Italy. Amazingly 32+ years after it's production this pristine fabric was recovered by fans of the legacy, who knew just what to do with it.


The magic continued, as this fabric made its way to Canada, and then into the United States, and into my hands (thank you, Jesse & Drew Heifetz of F as in Frank!). With original RL Country themes in mind, I set out to compose a hat that would honor, and reinvigorate the decades old legacy of this Native American themed print.


With the utmost attention to detail, historical references, and a desire to make the best hats possible, allow me to present to you the "OTH Fireball 2022", offered in TWO BRIM LENGTH OPTIONS:


1. "Grand" French for "Large" measuring at 10.5 cm at it's longest.

2. "Court" French for "Short" measuring at 8.5 cm at it's longest.


Featuring a Medium-weight wool crown, genuine Leather brim, and adjustable back strap, A medium+ depth crown to accommodate nearly all head sizes & shapes, fits headband circumference of 6-3/4" to 7-3/4" aka Small to Large+. Every hat features a one-of-a-kind random pattern arrangement, no two hats are alike.


*Photos 1, 3 and 5 are of the "Court" brim shape, and photos 2, 4, and 6 are of the "Grand" brim shape. They have similar perimeter shapes, the primary distinction being the length of projection.





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